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Nowadays, handles are increasingly replacing the classic door handles or knobs. This is not a new trend, but it is certainly becoming more and more popular. This solution is modern and practical. In everyday life, the use of handles to open the doors is very convenient. WALA is constantly creating trends by developing its range of products. Well-chosen handles that match the design of the door and the façade of the building become a kind of jewellery.

In modern construction, typical door handles on external doors are rarely seen anymore. The door panels are designed in such a way that the handles take on the role of practical decors. The variety of handle models is so great that every door will find its match. Handles are extremely convenient to use, as they allow the doors to be opened even with the elbow. Simple solutions are the best. In many offices, shops, galleries, public buildings, schools and service outlets, we see handles instead of typical door handles. To a large extent, the reason is the high level of comfort of use, the ease of cleaning and the aesthetics of the handles. Handles are generally divided into those made of stainless steel and those made of aluminium.


The timeless classic material, which is stainless steel, proves to be the ideal material for handles. There are two types of stainless steel to choose from, 304 or 316, and it is recommended to choose 316 steel in places particularly exposed to harsh conditions. This type of steel is recommended also in locations with increased exposure to chemicals or salt and chlorinated water, as well as in rooms with increased humidity and temperature, such as industrial areas, coastal zones and swimming pools. Steel 316 is more resistant to corrosion and therefore it will work much better than steel 304 in demanding locations. By keeping the material in good condition, you can be sure that the handles will serve reliably for very many years. They only need to be properly maintained and cleaned with dedicated stainless steel products. The range of models to choose from is vast and constantly evolving. Let's start with handles made of round profiles. They are Ø30, Ø40, Ø50 in diameter, are manufactured in various shape configurations, can be straight, bent, with a variety of bases-fastening sets. Further on, we have handles made of 25×25, 40×40 square profiles and 40×20, 50×25 rectangular profiles, classic, straight or welded. Finally, our offer includes handles made of D-section tube - Ø45×25, called “marzipan”. Concealed flush pull handles are also not to be missed. Flush pull handles are very often used in private homes. The handles recessed into door panels integrate perfectly with the building façade. Stainless steel is a timeless material used in many industrial sectors. We offer steel in 3 finishing options: brushed, which is a standard finishing, polished or sandblasted, which is optional, at your choice (max. 1000mm).


Aluminium is the second handle finishing material you can choose which gives almost infinite product finishing options. One of the trends in door fittings are black handles. This solution usually involves using a whole collection of black door fittings: black door hinges, black door handles or knobs, black escutcheons, black handles. All shades of black included in the RAL palette are possible - starting from deep black 9005, through warm colours 8077, to anthracite grey 7016. The black ANODE with the F-40 brushing is a true prestigious finishing. It gives the truly STUNNING effect – a black handle with a distinctive feature and an extremely pleasant to the touch matte finishing. Of course, you do not have to limit your choice to black. The range of powder coatings is very wide and it includes all the colours of the rainbow in several shades. Based on our experience, we have selected a set of standard coatings, but on special request we can coat the handle in any colour you wish. In addition, we offer other coatings, such as INOX, which is a faithful imitation of steel with a characteristic discolouration. We are constantly experimenting with new coatings and, in pursuit of trends, we introduce COPPER and ONYX colours. A unique series of aluminium flat bar handles with geometric shapes fully supports the minimalist design.


Handles with wooden baluster are a very highly valued product. People have always had a passion for wood, as it is a very graceful and easily accessible material. In recent times, it has become a very valuable raw material as it has many positive qualities. Wood is used in various industry sectors and is suitable for many purposes. It is naturally beautiful and looks great in any arrangement, and is a kind of link between man and nature. The handles with a baluster made of solid oak wood are worth noting as a perfect combination of materials - strong cold stainless steel and warm pleasant wood. Coloured modern aluminium and the classic power of wood. Great synergy of man-made material and one of the most beautiful creations of nature. Harmony in every inch. Wooden balusters ennoble handles made of round and square tubes. Oak wood of handles can be raw or stained. You can choose from the following colours: golden oak, walnut, dark walnut, palisander and black. Each of them is covered with clear varnish.


Glass doors are a space element used mainly in offices and shopping centres. Nonetheless, glass is becoming more and more popular in private homes. It is a material that gives the impression of an apparent space division. At the same time, its transparency gives the feeling of open space. It does not restrict the view like a wall. Glass exterior walls of buildings, glass partition walls, glass doors. Our offer includes a full range of fittings for glass. Glass doors hinges, magnetic handles, handle catches, glass locks, doorstops. It is worth noting that the vast majority of our handles can be mounted on glass. All you need to do is use a mounting set designed for glass. Handles mounted on glass doors look dignified and blends in perfectly with its surroundings.


ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEMS are electronic devices whose main purpose is to restrict unauthorised access to specific rooms. They are one of key components of smart home systems and include such devices as, for example, fingerprint scanner, numeric keypad, RFID reader. Touch sensor, microsensor, button. Electronic devices of this type are often multifunctional components. Each of them prohibits unauthorised entry in a slightly different way. At the same time, they facilitate access to the facility for authorised persons. These types of electronics are intelligent systems that significantly increase the level of security. Most often, access control equipment is installed in doors, in building façade or in walls. To meet needs, providing convenience and the latest design, we install access control systems in handles. This is an ergonomic solution, as it allows doors to be unlocked and opened with a single movement of the hand. Illuminating the handle with LED strip or LED spots is also possible. Handles with illumination look impressive. They draw attention and add to the prestige of the building. They subtly emphasise handles and invite to enter the building.

HANDLES are the future

In conclusion, one thing is certain: typical door handles and knobs are becoming a thing of the past. Now is the time for unconventional handles, personalised and ennobled ones, but above all practical and beautiful. Trends in architecture clearly define the artistry of simple and futuristic forms.


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