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Access control systems

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Access control systems

ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEMS are electronics, the main task of which is to limit the access of unauthorized persons to specific rooms. It is one of the key elements of the smart home system.

Access control systems include devices such as, for example, a fingerprint reader, a numeric keypad, and an RFID reader. Each of them prohibits unauthorized entry in a slightly different way. At the same time, it eases access to the facility for authorized persons. These types of electronics are intelligent systems that significantly increase the level of security. Most often, access control devices are installed in the door, or in the facade of the building or in the walls. In order to meet the needs, ensuring comfort and design, WALA installs access control systems in the door handles. This is an ergonomic solution because it allows you to unlock and open the door with one hand movement.

THE FINGERPRINT READER is an electronic device that biometrically reads the fingerprint.

This is a very practical form of natural code that replaces keys. The use of a fingerprint reader allows you to forget about carrying a key, token, chip or card. The intelligent system also eliminates the need to remember codes or passwords. We always have the "opener" with us, it cannot be lost or forgotten. It is impossible for the "key" to fall into the wrong hands. Biometric readers are equipped with systems that block artificial fingerprints. Most fingerprint readers only read live fingers. Unfortunately, they do not allow you to hand over the keys to someone you trust, but there is a solution. Fingerprint readers are supported by dedicated smartphone applications. They allow you to open the door via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The readers are compatible with smart home systems. You can freely add and remove users. Using the fingerprints of selected fingers, you can start various functions, such as opening a door, gate or garage.

NUMERIC KEYPAD is electronic equipment that requires an access code.

The access control system in the form of a numeric keypad also eliminates carrying keys or a token with you. This is a very convenient form of security as it only requires a code consisting of numbers. It is perfect, for example, in multi-family buildings, where each user can have a different code. It functions perfectly in companies as a working time settlement system and as a security for access to selected rooms. The keyboard can also be installed in the smart home system. It is a good solution for people with occasional rental. It allows you to easily grant access to the premises by providing a temporary password.

RFID - access control system for the use of a token, chip, card.

One of the first access control systems and therefore the most common. Lots of spaces are secured with this device. In companies, it is used as a work time management system, as a substitute for signing up on the attendance list. It is much more reliable than a signature as it can record the time of entry and exit. RFID is also used as a key to employee lockers. The access control system can also be found, among others in multi-family buildings, in facilities with garbage containers, at entrance barriers and in parking lots.

Access control systems make it easier for us to function comfortably in today's busy world. It is worth using them because they definitely increase the quality of life. Mounted in the handle, they have a positive impact on the visual effect. Design is a very important matter of finishing any building.


WALA also offers the option of illuminating the handle with LED strips or LED points. The illuminated pull handle looks impressive. Effectively attracts attention and adds prestige to the building.




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WALA Sp. z o. o is a leading polish manufacturer of door hardware. We have been on the market continuously since 1980, constantly expanding the offer with new products. Thanks to many years of experience and knowledge in the field of technology, we create innovative projects and take care of their precise execution. We focus on modern design, quality, functionality and high technology. Our company's offer includes door fittings in a full range. We create beautiful and functional pull handles, bolts, glass fittings, top-class hinges for doors, but also classic door handlesknobs, rossets, and modern solutions, that is, access control systems integrated into the pull handle and the door. Production is carried out with the use of modern technologies used in this industry, using the highest quality materials, and with attention to the details of each product and component. Solutions used in products manufactured by the company are subject to specialist research conducted by scientific institutions and are also protected by patent law. Our products have the European CE quality certificate. Every year, the company is a laureate of significant and highly valued business awards that prove its credibility and reliability and obtains international certificates for the highest quality products.