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Technical specifications

Handle for door MPS31 T0

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* pull handles available soon




MPS31 is made of aluminium flat bar 80x12 and 42x12


The MODULAR series allows you to finish the bases and the handle tube separately in different colors. This allows you to get amazing results of combining different coatings. This procedure makes it easier to visually match the handle to the door panel or building facade. Modular pull handles fulfill a functional and decorative function at a much higher level, due to a more flexible approach to customer requirements and tastes.   


The pull handle can be finished with varnishes in the RAL palette, INOX coating, sublimation imitating wood, natural ANODE and with F-40 grind.

Due to the mounting system, MPS31 T0 is intended for panel door.


Handles over 600 mm standard have 1 additional mounting point, for lengths over 1200 - 2 additional mounting points.

An interesting option is to extend the handle with the PS01 extension with a length of 50 - 1200 mm. The extensions are also made of a flat bar 80x12 or 42x12, can be mounted at the bottom, at the top, or on both sides at the same time.

The handle can be effectively illuminated with 2 built-in LED strips that run the entire length of the handle.



Files to download

Handle for door MPS31 T0





ALUMINIUM FLAT BAR 80x12 or 42x12:


500 - 2000
2001 - 2500 (3 base points)

● - product made for individual order
○ - product unavailable





50 - 1200

● - product made for individual order
○ - product unavailable


For L > 600 and L ≤ 1200, 1 additional mounting included.
For L > 1200, 2 additional mountings included.
In the above cases, a symmetrical arrangement of the additional mountings is recommended; however, the installation method allows for their free positioning in relation to the length of the extension.



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